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What are Supported Living Services?

Supported Living Programs are designed to enable individuals with developmental disabilities to live independently in homes of their own.  Such programs will usually offer services to assist with daily living activities and provide personal attendants to help the individuals to accomplish the goals of independent living.


18 Years

Experience supporting developmentally disabled consumers.


Availability to address your and your consumer’s needs. Monthly and semi-monthly supervisory visits to ensure quality of services.

A large array of services, catered uniquely to your consumer’s needs.

Visits can be increased based on need. Program reports compatible with IPP’s to make an SC’s reporting duties easier. 

Periodic updates on your consumer’s progress by our program supervisors available per your request (monthly e-mails/phone calls to sc's)


Personal Attendant services

Day or nightly supervision and assistance from qualified attendants that provide daily coaching to complete activities of daily living (ADLs), educate the consumer to utilize their abilities to maximize independence, and support in the completion of ADL’s when the consumer is unable.

case management & supervision

Includes regular supervisory visits, coaching for consumer and staff, regular reporting, and assistance to manage conflicts and issues that may arise to promote quality care.

assistance with basic adl's

Bathing, dressing and undressing, eating, transferring, toileting (diapers, commodes, etc), ambulation, range of motion (ROM) exercises.

assistance with instrumental adl's

 Doing light housework, preparing meals following dietary nutrition guides or doctor ordered special diets, medication reminders and tracking, shopping or groceries or clothes, using the telephone or computer, managing money, care of pets, child rearing, using communication devices, community mobility, meal preparation and cleanup, safety procedures and emergency responses, shopping.

household management support

Assistance to develop and adhere to a household budget, assistance to develop a household cleaning schedule, assistance to budget for and acquire household furnishings and needed adaptive equipment.

behavioral management

Coaching through difficult behaviors, modeling appropriate behaviors, tracking difficult behaviors, and providing incentives towards daily appropriate behavior completion.


Assistance in social settings to build durable relationships and to organize communication among circle of support members.


Assistance to locate and utilize benefit services, advocacy services, employment support groups, community associations, and more.

health management

Assistance to locate medical professionals and specialists, to utilize health insurance benefits, to follow medical recommendations and keep medical records, to locate medical equipment, to schedule regular follow-ups and recommended health screenings at specific age or time intervals.

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