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Rainbow is the right choice because..

With the vast array of home care companies in Southern California, how do you choose?​  What makes a good one?  And what's right for your needs?

Local and Non-Franchised

As a local based family-owned company (and NOT a franchise) we are quick to respond to your concerns and provide services catered specifically to your needs.  We are not a multi-million dollar company so diversified that they don’t focus on their special area of expertise.


Our company is solely dedicated to YOU.  We do not have a complicated organization structure so clients do not get lost in the shuffle of bureaucratic paperwork or become “just a number"   (instead of an individual).  We do care more.


Competitive Advantage

Since we’re the “little guy” we put so much more effort into every case.  For example, our supervision is wholeheartedly responsible and intense.  Rainbow challenges any franchise to compare to our rigorous standards​ of attention, reporting and responsiveness.

Because of this, much of our business comes from referrals by those who have already used other companies and can therefore appreciate our standards of excellence, compassion and the "human understanding" in our approach.

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